Monday, November 12, 2012

DIY Owl Nursery

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I'm excited to show you the newly decorated nursery of our youngest!

Her room is pretty small, so it was a challenge to use all my ideas,
without making it too crowded.

I bought some owl wall decals quite a while ago, 
intending to use them for her room.

But somehow I never got around to actually putting them to use.

Then, my husbands mom reminded me that she was going to make our daughter a baby quilt.
She has this amazing tradition to make every grandchild a special quilt.
And you should know that she already has 9 grandkids!

Anyway, she always lets us moms give input:
we can pick a pattern, or colors, or theme, whatever...

So I told her I really liked owls, and showed her these owl decals.

She found a neat pattern that I really liked. 
I thought it would be hard to find fabric that would match the owls, 
since there were so many colors.

But we found the neatest fabric line,
matching the colors of the owls,
 and she made the most amazing quilt:

Needless to say I was in awe when we saw it!!!
Our youngest likes the cheerful colors too and likes to play with it :)

I got the leftover pieces so that I could decorate some more,
and I bought extra fabric for some bigger pieces.

And that was the little push in the back I needed to start working on this room...

I really like to use embroidery hoops to display some pieces of pretty fabric.
I also like the way it creates different sized 'dots'.

I used some small scraps to decorate a plain wipe box:

Remember these owls?

They finally got a home in this shelf, 
that I found at the thrift store.

I gave it a fresh layer of paint while I was painting the wall...

Some more close-ups...

I wanted to incorporate a little chevron, 
without it being too overwhelming:

You can find the tutorial to create this chevron picture frame HERE.

And some simple embroidery on one of the embroidery hoops:

I framed the print you can find here.

And I made a pennant banner, to showcase all these pretty fabrics.
I really like banners for kids' rooms,
they are so cheerful!

A matching pillow for the rocker.

A personalized canvas, with an owl, pictures of the fabric, 
and her name (which I took out for privacy purposes).

And, a canvas made with scrapbook paper.

I am happy with the results, it is both cheerful and relaxing at the same time.
I would almost like to trade rooms with her...

I am planning on putting up tutorials on some of the items I made once I have time to do that.

Shared at Sugar Bee Crafts and Sarahndipities.

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Lily said...

Adorable nursery!! I love the owl quilt, and the embroidery/button art, so cute.

Kara said...

Cute! Where did you find the fabric?

Mariska said...

Some online and some at a local quilt store. It's a combination of "Vintage Modern" and "Marmalade" from Moda by Bonnie & Camille.

Elise@growcreative said...

Hi there! I just happened to spot this on Childmade and I must say that I love it! I love owls. That quilt is absolutely amazing. And I love that you even decorated the wipes box :)

Anonymous said...

loved your baby room! thanks for the ideas...

Veronica said...

I have become obsessed with owls! Do you have instructions for the artwork you did on canvas? (I'm really interested in the owl made of scrap paper

Veronica said...

This is all SO CUTE!!! I have become obsessed with owls and would love tutorials for the artwork you did on canvas - especially the owl made of scrap paper