Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Chevrons & butterflies: Three ways to make a pieced skirt

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It has been a long time since I sewed something for my 3 girls.

Although I don't have them wear matching clothes in our normal day to day life, 
it is sort of fun to do occasionally. As long as they'll let me I better enjoy it...

Since I tend to get bored when I make the same thing over and over,
I used three different methods to make their skirts.

I will describe what I did & post a link to a tutorial or pattern for a similar skirt.

I will start with the easiest one:
The basic single layer skirt

This skirt just consists of two strips of fabric sewn together, and after that you just treat it as a if it were one piece of fabric. 
You can follow the directions in this pattern to make the skirt.

The hardest thing was to match up the chevrons at the seam, which was easy...

Next is the double layer skirt.

This one is a little more work, but still pretty basic.
Basically the skirt has 2 layers:
the chevron fabric is the basic skirt,
and there is an extra strip of fabric sewn on top of that.
To create a similar skirt, you can use this layered skirt tutorial.

This works great if the fabric you are using is sort of thin,
and you don't want to line it. 

And last but not least the tiered skirt.

This one was the most time intensive.
Not hard, but ruffling fabric and matching up the tiers is not my favorite thing to do.
However, I thought I could handle one :)

A tutorial for a similar skirt can be found HERE.

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