Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bubble wand flower tutorial

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Here it is - finally - the bubble wand flower tutorial! My computer is having some issues, so it takes really long to upload pictures, am trying to get that fixed, but managed to get this on here...

Items you need:
  • bubble wands (only $1 at Walmart...)

  • construction paper or cardstock in different colors

  • adhesive

  • scissors

  • optional: flower punches

For each flower do the following:

Cut out a big flower shape, large enough to fully cover the label of the bubble wand. Cut some smaller pieces for the center, or use flower punches if you have any. Fold the green paper before you cut your leaves, that way you will end up with two pieces that have the same shape.Then, glue the big flower onto the label, I just used a regular glue stick and covered the whole label with the glue.Glue the center of the flower in place, and put glue on the whole bottom leaf. I dabbed some glue on the bubble wand to where I glued the leaf on, to make sure it wouldn't slip down... If you want to make sure it won't come off, you can use some clear tape to make sure the leaves stay where they're supposed to be.Here is your finished product!I made a bunch of them and arranged them in a popcorn bucket, so that I would have a cute center piece for the party. I just love the way this looks, and it is SO easy! I put some marbles in the bottom of the bucket to make sure it wouldn't tip, and it helped to put a taller can in the center, so that some of the flowers would look taller, to resemble a 'real' bouquet. I stuffed some newspaper in between the 'stems' to keep them in place, and covered it up with some easter grass. All kids at the party (ages 2-9) loved these favors, it's always hard to find something that works for all ages, and even the boys were OK with the flowers, since it was only a 'temporary' thing :) I highly recommend this! (Although my 2 year old needs some help while using it, she tends to pour it all out at once, while trying to make bubbles ;) )

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Friday, April 16, 2010

What I am doing at the moment...

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I am busy preparing a birthday party for my daughter! The theme is very simple: flowers.

She loves flowers, and so do I, and it seems to go well with a spring birthday party. I have a lot of ideas at the moment, and will post more as I get more done. We made these large flower party favors, using bubble wands. I love these wands, they can create huge bubbles, and are fun for kids of all ages. To be honest: last year we had some, and I liked to play with them, too :). The price is nice, too, I picked them up at Walmart for $1. They will make a nice centerpiece at the gift table, too. I will post a tutorial on how to make these later, when I have a bit more time. And I will keep you updated on the rest of our flower creations, too. Stay tuned...

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Extending the life of clothes - making tops longer

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I think most moms recognize how fast kids outgrow their cute clothes. I found a way of making tops last longer, using some old t-shirts from myself that were on my 'donation' pile. It's really fast and easy, I added this extra layer to these 2 pajama tops in about 15 minutes! So why not give this a try?

This would also work for boys' clothes, with one little adjusment. I will give a step-by-step tutorial, I didn't take pictures of the separate steps, but it's so simple that you don't really need the pictures to go with this.

1. Take the top that got too short, and find a t-shirt in a matching or contrasting color. For most clothes, even a simple white t-shirt would create a cute, layered look.

2. Cut off the bottom part of the t-shirt, about 1 inch longer than you want the bottom layer to finally be.

3. Flip the part you just cut off inside out. Measure how wide your kid's top is. Zigzag the side of the part you cut off (inside out) so that it has the same width.

4. Then, trim off the excess fabric. Next, stitch on the inside of your zigzag with a straight stitch.

5. Now there are 2 different ways to proceed, depending if you want a ruffly bottom (like pictured) or just a simple, straight bottom.

For the ruffly bottom: Zigzag the raw edge of the "tube" you created with a small zigzag stitch. It will end up curly looking like the pictures above. Then, pin the tube with the finished edge underneath the bottom of the shirt, and attach with a straight stitch. (I just followed the seams that were already there to make it look neater. So you might want to do that twice if there where 2 originally.)

For a straight bottom: pin the raw edge of the "tube" you created underneath the shirt. Attach with a straight stitch. (I just followed the seams that were already there to make it look neater. So you might want to do that twice if there were 2 originally.)

And that's it!

This would be even quicker if you would use a shirt that is of the same width, so basically combine 2 outgrown shirts. That way steps 3 and 4 could be skipped.

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Monday, April 5, 2010