Friday, August 2, 2013

Getting organized: Scarves and Purses - Fast & Easy organizing solutions

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After looking online for ways to store my ever-growing scarf collection,
I found different ways that scarves can be stored. 

I used to simply keep them in a basket, which resulted in me digging through it in order to find a scarf, resulting in a big mess every time.

I looked at neat ways, like hanging them on a curtain rod, or putting shower curtain rings on a hanger. But the first thing seemed too permanent, and take up too much space, while I worried that using curtain rings on a hanger would make them all shift to one side.

Then I realized I could just simply use a normal clothes hanger and loop the scarves through it.

Takes up hardly any space, and they are easy to find.

Voila, problem solved...

On to my next project: purses.

My purses had a similar problem, they were just piled in a basket.

I found these neat over-the-door hangers on Pinterest,
from an expensive store.

Neat, yes, but I wasn't willing to pay the price...

Until I happened to find the exact same product at Walmart, for way cheaper.

This is a non-permanent solution,
a strap with hooks attached, 
that clips right on the inside of your closet door.
Or outside, if you like to look at your purses ;)

Not exactly a great picture, the lighting in my closet is bad...

You can get a closer look at the product HERE.
(I don't get paid for this, but just like the product...)
There are 18 hooks, but I think it's impossible to use them all.
As my picture shows, I used it for 6 purses...that's about it.

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