Friday, July 30, 2010

Kids craft: pom pom animals

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I am a big fan of simple, cheap kids crafts.

So here is another one we recently did!

The only ingredients needed:
  • A bag of colorful pom poms (Dollar Store)
  • A bag of googly Eyes (Dollar Store)
  • Glue (washable!!)
My kids had SO much fun creating soft, furry creatures.

I started out by helping them, but realized I should let them do it.

The perfectionist in me often wants to 'help' and let them create something that lets pretty.
But I am trying to learn to let them do their thing, and not worry about it looking good.

They enjoy it, and it has been good for me to see that they can do it on their own, even if it looks a little (or a lot) different than I had in mind.

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