Friday, February 25, 2011

Recipe Organizer

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Don't know if anybody recognizes this kind of 'pile' in their kitchen. 
(I hope so, please tell me I am not the only one!)
Anyway, that is how my recipes have been 'organized' for years!
When I needed something, I would just dig through the papers till I found it.

But just recently, I couldn't stand this sight any longer.

So I decided to finally tackle it. 
I just took an old binder, made a simple cover from scrapbook paper, and put it in the transparent sleeves on the cover. Next, I put all my recipes in page protectors. The recipes that were smaller than a standard 8.5 by 11 I just glued on some white printer paper. Nothing complicated, but it looks SO much better!

Just wonder why this took me years :)

I linked up to I Heart Organizing.

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KatieB said...

Hello, there, Mariska!'re not the only one. That's how mine look, too. I've been working on the same thing...three ring binder with clear front. I decided to make five weeks of menus and then type out the recipe and shopping list for each one. Each item on the menu is numbered (if I need a recipe for it), and then the page with the recipe is also numbered. I can flip to the right page, double check the shopping list...saves a ton of time.
Thanks for sharing!

Rebekah★All Thingz Related★ said...

Your recipe binder looks great, Mariska! It sure feels good to get organized! Thanks so much for sharing it with me!!

Annaleis @ Teapots and Tractors said...

I have to say I have a whole drawer like that...might have just inspired me to do something about it! Thanks Annaleis

Jeanette Murray said...

That binder is super cute! And I totally sympathize with that pile of recipes and magazines and loose papers. This might need to be my next project!


Jess said...

Very pretty! I love my recipe organizer, but yours looks so much better than mine so now I'm jealous! :)


iheartorganizing said...

Such a pretty binder! I know it would intrigue me to want to cook more to have something to lovely on the counter!

Thanks so much for linking up and sharing!