Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Caterpillar Birthday Party

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It all started about a half year ago, when I spotted this cute party hat at our local $ store.

I really liked it, so it just had to come home with me.

Fortunately, a half year later I still remembered that I got it,
and even more important: where I put it!

A simple theme, and fitting for a one year old's birthday.
Which we happened to combine with our 7 year old girl's, 
who just had a project in her classroom where they watched caterpillars develop into butterflies.
(She had her 'own' party too, with some of her classmates.)

Since cake decorating isn't my forte,
I kept things simple.

I used M&M's to create caterpillars on cupcakes.
Used a toothpick and black frosting for the face, and sprinkles for antennas.

I put some cupcakes in a pie plate, and put colored icing on some of them to create one big caterpillar. 

I made this banner out of fabric.

No sewing at all, just a lot of hot glue...

I first assembled the caterpillars, by gluing fabric circles onto a strip of paper.
Drew the faces on with fabric paint, and used pipe cleaners for antennas.

Then I cut triangles, glued them onto a piece of twine, and glued the caterpillars on the pennants.

Simple and cheerful.

And some colorful favors...

(And for those of you who know us in real life:
yes, this post is way late, it somehow got stuck in my drafts...)

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teal915 said...

Very cute.

Victoria Kidson said...

Caterpiller cakes - well done!
We had a kids birthday reptile party on the weekend and it ended with a snake cake!
Whatever the theme, it's always great to end with a Cake that makes the occasion.
All the best