Friday, July 8, 2011

Handmade baby gifts

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I love to get handmade gifts for our little girl. I have not been doing too much in the creative department lately, but thought I'd show you a couple handmade gifts that I received and that I really enjoy.

My friend Katie made some cute things for our baby girl.

She made her some pretty burp cloths, using soft and pretty flannel:

And this cute onesie, using reverse applique:

Isn't this pretty?

If you want to see more of her creations, you can check it out at Crafted by KatieB.
It's definitely worth a look!

(I 'borrowed' the pictures from her blog)

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Crafted by KatieB said...


I'm so glad that you like them! And thanks so much for linking to my blog! I appreciate it.

Question for you...I added some thin quilt batting between the layers for the burp clothes. Do you like that or do you prefer them with just the two layers of fabric? I'm waaaay past using them for a little one, so I haven't been able to try them out. (You can just e-mail me).


Chloe Anderson said...

great crafts and baby personalized gifts you have here! good job!