Friday, July 29, 2011

Magnetic Pin Holder Bowl

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I really like quick crafts: Especially these days with our little newborn in the house it's so nice to be able to create something that doesn't take hours. This project only takes minutes!

 I saw this great idea of a Magnetic Pin Holder Bowl at Sawdust and Paper Scraps. Sandra takes a simple glass bowl and candle holder and creates this cute pin holder, using spray paint, a magnet and some glue. Now, that is a simple project! I had a very ugly magnetic pin holder, so I just took the magnet out of it and used that. I did already have some spray paint on hand. (You can never have too much of that, right?!) Since I didn't have a primer on hand, I skipped that step. Not sure if I'll regret that later, but on my can of spray paint it said it would work on glass, too, and it seems to hold.

Anyway, here is my little copycat project:

Two candle holders from Dollar Tree, spray painted with Krylon spray paint.

Added a magnet, and glued it together, to make this magnetic pin holder.  

Love it!

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