Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I love spring...

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Spring flowers...

My husband and our girls decorated these cute birdhouses for my birthday.

The unfinished one is from our 11 month old :)

I had seen this idea HERE a while ago:
save all your little scraps of yarn, and put them in a suet feeder, so that the birds can use it for their nests.

Since I had one laying around anyway, and I am always having these loose ends of yarn from all kinds of projects, this seemed a neat thing to try. I imagined the birds using it, and maybe the kids could even see them take some of the yarn.

(Insert laughing of my husband here, who thought I'd completely lost it, when he saw what I was doing...)

And I have to say:

he was right...

So far, I haven't seen any proof of them using it.
We even have a robin's nest in our yard, and I checked it out while they were away to see if they used any. 

Oh well, it looks pretty colorful :)

And of course I'll leave it out there, who knows?!

I don't let myself get defeated that easily... 

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