Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Toy Leash

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Our baby girl keeps us busy with her newest trick:
Trying to throw everything on the floor:
her toys, burp cloth, you name it...

Enter the toy leash!

When I saw a link for a tutorial HERE,
I knew we HAD to have one.

I basically followed the directions,
but instead of piecing it together, 
I just used one piece of fabric.

Other materials needed:
Some thin batting inside,
matching thread
some velcro,
and a toy ring.

One end attaches to the toy,
the other end attaches to just about anything:

Straps of the car seat, high chair, stroller, you name it.

So simple, but it keeps us from having to pick everything up all the time,
and even better, it keeps her toys clean when we're out and about.

Would also make a great baby gift.

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