Tuesday, January 10, 2012

About birds and green pigs...

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Today we made these birds and pigs, to create our own game.

My girls were SO excited to make this, and I was surprised how patiently they made their pom poms. 

It was a super simple project!

I had already seen it on some blog a while back, when my kids weren't infected by the bird-bug yet.

So today, while my oldest had to stay home from school with a bad cold, this seemed the perfect craft to tackle.

I had all materials on hand, just some yarn, felt, googly eyes and cups.
The kids did good making the pom poms, and I handled the hot glue gun to glue it all together.
At first I had them make the pom poms with a single strand of yarn, but I found out it was quicker and easier to just "fold" the yarn so that they wrapped their disks with four strands at once.

And after we were done creating, they could start playing.

This made for some happy little girls!

I linked up to It's our long story.

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pauline@lessonslearntjournal.com said...

These are so cute. I look forward to making them with my boys. Thanks for the great idea Mariska.

pauline@lessonslearntjournal.com said...

Hi Mariska,

I couldn't resist featuring your birds and pigs for my Weekly Kid's Co-op roundup.


I wonder if my boys will be patient enough to make their pom poms?