Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Heart Tree Tutorial

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It's no secret that I love quick, cheap and easy projects.
Here is another one.

It adds some instant color to our living room and is perfect for Valentine's day.

I took some pictures as I was making it...

Ready to make your own?

First, I cut a bunch of hearts out of cardstock with my Silhouette Cameo. I love how easy it is, just let the machine do its job...

No need to use a machine, though, you could cut them by hand, too. There are so many options: you could use cardstock, scrapbook papers, gift wrap, fabric, you could glitter it up with glitter glue, etc. If you like the lace look, you could cut heart shapes out of lace doilies for example. 

Other supplies you will need:

* Branches, look for ones with lots of little side branches 
* A vase or pot to put your branches in
* A stabilizer (to stick the branches in, you could use floral foam, or even newspapers would do)
* Thread to hang the hearts with
*Something to cover up the stabilizer (I used red yarn, you could use moss, raffia, Easter grass etc.)

Put the stabilizer in your pot.

Arrange the branches

Cover up the ugly stuff...

Attach strings to hearts. I punched holes in the ones that didn't have an opening of some kind, you could use a needle or pushpin to create a hole if needed. Pull the string through, and tie the ends.

Lots of them...

Put them in your tree.

And find a spot to display your heart tree!

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Cami @ You Seriously Made That said...

What a cute and easy idea!! Brilliant :) I may have to cut a few branches off the tree outside... Thanks for linking up!

Christine K. said...

Great idea!

Kim said...

Gorgeous tree! Might have to try this! Found you through Craft-O-Maniac's linky party.

Serendipity and Spice said...

This is why I can't wait to get my Cameo! These are so cute! I'm hosting a linky party and would love it if you stop by and link up!