Friday, May 18, 2012

First Grade Birthday Party Ideas

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Our oldest turned 7, so we invited some of her classmates for a party.

I have the hardest time coming up with things to do, 
so in case there is anybody out there who recognizes that,
I will share what we did :)


We started our party with "magic" Sprite and snacks.

I had put a drop of food coloring in the clear cups I used to server their drinks. (I did that ahead of time.)

I served them one by one, holding the bottom of the cup in my hand, so that they couldn't see it.

They were AMAZED to see that the clear Sprite turned into a colorful drink.

And even more amazed when the next ones turned into different colors.

Fun, but simple, and a great way to start a party.

(And yes, eventually they did figure it out, but it took a little while.)

After seeing several similar games online, I came up with the following game:


The things you need are pictured above.

Start with one bowl filled with pom poms.
The kids race the pom poms on the spatula to the other bowl, which is placed some distance away.
Give them a certain amount of time to do it. (We did one minute, but you can try it yourself to see what time and distance is appropriate.)
They can't touch the pom poms with their hands, and anything they drop doesn't count
Then count the pom poms in the other bowl.
The kid who managed to transfer most pom poms is the winner.


I had them decorate picture frames:

I painted them in girly colors beforehand,
and had them decorate it with glitter glue, flower sparkles, paper punch-outs, etc.


And, they went on a Treasure hunt.

I wrote on the lid of a disposable cake pan with Sharpies,
and put sparkly stuff inside.

I hid envelopes throughout the house, containing hints where the next envelope would be,
and the last one pointing to the treasure.
(Would have loved to do this outside, but the weather didn't cooperate.)

They were very excited about this game.

I had much more planned, but these things, combined with cake and opening gifts, were plenty.

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Anonymous said...

Love the water color idea. Great for a mad science party

Nathan Mullen said...

Thank you! I didn't know what to so for my daughter's 7th birthday!