Thursday, May 24, 2012

Propeller seeds: fun and easy kids activity

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Last week, on our walk home from school,
my girls saw these 'propeller seeds', and asked me what they were.

I told them they came from a tree,
and showed how you can throw them in the air,
and see them spin like a propeller.

They thought it was the coolest thing ever.

So we collected some and took them home.

They had such a good time playing with them.

pictures to gif

SOOO nice when kids are so easily entertained...

I told them that these were actually seeds, and that the wind helped new trees to grow when the seeds were planted elsewhere. I realized they understood, since my 7-year-old said: "Just like dandelions..."

We decided to plant some of the seeds.
I wasn't sure if we should stick the whole thing in the dirt, or peel the seeds out, so we did both.

Today it's exactly ONE week later, and we have this:

So our little experiment was very successful...

And I have 2 very proud girls, who check on the progress daily.

We might transfer some to our yard even...

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