Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Glittery Shells

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Today we picked up a couple items at the dollar store:

Glitter glue
a basket of shells.
I covered the table with paper, and let my girls decorate the shells with glitter glue.
They loved it, and could do it pretty much by themselves.
The only thing I had to show them was how they could use their fingers to spread the glue, sometimes they got a lot in one spot.
They were busy for more than one hour.

We put the shells on paper plates and put them outside in the sun to dry. They were so proud of their glittery shell collection.

The glitter glue was easily washed off their hands with soap and water. They used paper towels while they were working when they got too much stuff on their hands.
I love how simple (and cheap - $2) this craft is. You could do the same with rocks, or maybe use shells that you collected some other time.

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