Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Graduation Card

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It's graduation time again, and I realized I don't have any graduation-themed stamps or paper. So, I decided to see if I could come up with a simple graduation card, using supplies I had on hand. I liked how simple it was, and decided to take some pictures so that I could make a tutorial.
You are going to need the following supplies:

1. foam tape
2. black diamond shape (cardstock or shiny paper)
3. black circle shape (same material as item 2)
4. brad
5. (white) cardstock, folded in half (this will be your card)
6. a sheet of (black) paper, slightly smaller than 5
7. strip of (silver) paper
(I embossed items 5&6 using my Cuttlebug embossing folders, but you could also use patterned paper or cardstock.)
8. piece of white paper
9. silver colored yarn

  • adhesive
  • paper trimmer
  • scissors
  • needle or other piercing tool
First, assemble the card, as shown in the picture above.Then, cut the circle as pictured above.
Use a needle or other tool to poke a hole in the center of the diamond.
Put the brad in the center of the diamond. Use the foam tape to adhere the diamond to the shape that used to be the circle.
Roll the piece of paper to create the diploma, put a little bit of adhesive on the edge to make sure it doesn't unroll itself. Tie the yarn around it. Trim if necessary.
Use adhesive (I used Glue Dots here) to adhere the diploma and cap to the card.

This worked great, since I didn't need any special supplies or tools to create this card.

Also, the material I used for the cap is just the package that the embossing folder that I used came in. It was nice, shiny and sturdy cardstock, so I thought that would look pretty good. (Good thing you can't see that there is text printed on the back - I assume the graduate won't take my card apart...)

The string I used to tie the diploma is ribbon that was wrapped around a gift.

I always like to see how I can turn 'ordinary' things into craft supplies :)

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Scrappy Gifts said...

Totally fabulous even though it's simple. Feel free to link up more than one post to my Scrappy Saturdays in the future - just as long as you haven't linked it up before. Love your work! said...

Love those textures! Perfect for the occasion. Thanks for linking!

Bernice Chandler said...

Awesome! I has been trying to buy some material to make some graduation cards, but now with your help it is going to be easier, beautiful and more cheap. Thank you

kris with a k said...

this is really cute! Thank you!