Monday, October 31, 2011

21 things I love about you

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This is the last day of the "31-for-21 challenge", and I am glad I 'made' it, posting every day.
It was kind of hard, so I sort of 'cheated' here and there by keeping it short and just posting a picture. 
It takes a lot of time, and besides that, I am not one to easily share my feelings with 'the world'.
But I hope my posts have been interesting, and maybe even encouraging to someone out there that is going through similar experiences. Thanks to everyone who has been reading these posts! 

Since our baby girl has an extra copy of the 21st chromosome (Trisomy 21=Down syndrome), 
I thought I'd create a list of 21 things I love about her as my final post for the "31-for-21" challenge.

(In random order)

21 things I love about you

  1. Your big blue eyes - almond shaped and all
  2. The way you stare at your hands, you think they are amazing
  3. Your smiles, grins and giggles
  4. The way you talk, cute noises
  5. The way you gaze in our eyes as you're talking to us
  6. How you like to look at your big sisters when they are playing
  7. How you like to smile at your big sisters
  8. How you are usually sleeping between midnight and 7 - thank you, little girl!
  9. Your long, dark eyelashes
  10. Your chubby cheeks
  11. Seeing you kick your little legs happily when you spot one of us
  12. Your sweet baby smell - except for the diapers ;)
  13. How you are enjoying your baths
  14. The way you grab our fingers
  15. The cute long 'tail' of hair on top of your head
  16. Your chubby hands and feet
  17. The cute little sandal gap between your big toe and the next one
  18. How you like to suck your thumbs, either one is fine
  19. The way you stretch and try to roll over when you see a favorite toy or something interesting
  20. How you've taught us that perfection comes in different forms
  21. How you have shown us that having a baby with Down syndrome is not a bad thing - actually we're very lucky to have YOU
Love you, baby girl!

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KatieB said...


Lauren said...

Oh my goodness, I have just started following your blog and I've been going back and reading your posts about your precious little girl and looking at the precious pictures. My aunt has cerebral palsy and that is one reason I decided to teach special ed. Downs kids are such a gift... thanks for sharing on your blog!

Maya said...

Hello, I'm a french women. I was looking for craft ideas when I read your story and the story of your soo beautifull little girl. Just want to tell you how much it touch me… Special kiss for a special and beautifull girl.

Mariska said...

Thanks for your sweet comments, I really appreciate it!!