Friday, October 21, 2011

Hoppin' for 21

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Today is October 21 (just a little bit longer), and I just learned about this blog hop:

"We want to support all those that rock that extra chromosome with a blog hop on the 21st!
Hoppin' for 21 is hosted by 

Crazy Beautiful LoveThe Bates Motel, and Carrie with Children. "

So I decided to join it!

Hope you like to check out some of the blogs on here!

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summer said...

Hi Mariska, the blog hop led me here and I am so glad it did!!!!

Laura said...

Hi Mariska!

I've enjoyed your blog before, but am back for the bloghop today!

Heidi Ehle said...

I hopped over. :)
How old is your precious girl? Liddy is almost 10 months old and I just went through the entire one year ago I didn't know stuff too. Last month was our anti-versary. lol

Kaiti said...

I hopped over to you from my blog! Thanks for leaving a comment!