Saturday, October 22, 2011

Having fun crocheting

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With the weather cooling down, 
our youngest needs her hats again!

But she outgrew all the hats I made her earlier.

So it was time to make some more...


I also fancied up some plain hats from the $ store, by sewing crocheted flowers and leaves on them. These are nice and stretchy, so they fit my older girls, who have to be able to wear them over their hair...

Simple and fun...

And since I am still doing the 31-for-21 challenge to raise awareness for Down syndrome , 
just one more picture of our dear little girl, wearing one of her new hats and showing off her beautiful almond shaped eyes :)

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KatieB said...

Mariska! These hats are awesome. What a good idea to crochet on a storebought hat. I saw N with her hat last Wed cute! And I love those little almond shaped eyes, too! :)

Amy, queen of the world. said...

(hopped on in here) those eyes!! Sooooooooooo beautiful!