Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Things I wish I would have known when our baby got diagnosed with Down syndrome - Part 3

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This is probably the most important thing I wish I would have known a year ago.

I wish I would have known a year ago how falling in love with your baby would change everything.

Simply the joy of having her around, and how much we love her, totally outweighs the worries we had and still have.

Yes, we still have worries about her.
But we have worries about our other kids, too.
I think it's only natural for parents to worry about their kids,
or for people to worry about people they love.

The fact that your child has 46 chromosomes (which is the typical number of chromosomes in a human cell), 
is no guarantee for a life without worries.

But adding an extra chromosome definitely does not take away from the love you have for your child and the joy they bring...

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We Can Do All Things said...

I just found your blog! Oh it is so fun! I love all your craft ideas. I also have a daughter with Ds she is 2. Your daughter is adorable!

amydee said...

That is the cutest photo yet!!!