Thursday, October 6, 2011

So many sweet little faces

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I know of at least 2 bloggers who made a compilation of a lot of sweet faces of kids with Down syndrome.

I looked at them quite a few times during my pregnancy, 
wondering what our little one would look like.

Although most kids with Down syndrome have certain characteristics, like the almond shaped eyes, they can look like their parents and siblings, just like any other kid.

The little mouth of our third daughter with Down syndrome is shaped exactly the same as my oldest daughter's when she was a baby.

My youngest and the next older sister have exactly the same shape head.

All three my girls share their long, dark eyelashes and they suck their thumbs.

I love to see their little resemblances, and I think I love their uniqueness even more.
Just the little things that make them an individual. 

Anyway, I'm drifting away here....

I wanted to share these 2 clips with you

Please watch them, they are so touching!

This first clip was created by Patti, who has adorable little girl named Lily.

You can visit them on their blog:
A perfect Lily

If you want to read the blog post to go with it, please click on the following link:

The other video worth watching is this one.
Kelle Hampton created it when she was organizing a fundraiser for the NDSS (National Down Syndrome Society) in honor of the first birthday of her daugher, Nella.

She tells her story in a nutshell, and has quite a few pictures and video clips of other sweet little ones with Down syndrome.

If you prefer to just see the pictures in her blog post, click the following link:

This fundraiser has ended by now I think,
but if you want to donate to the NDSS,
you can go to their website:

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