Sunday, October 7, 2012

A new perspective

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The experience of becoming the parent of a child with Down syndrome has been an eye opener for us in many ways. 

When I was still pregnant, I tried to imagine what life would be like after our girl was born. 
I thought it would probably be hard for me to see other, typically developing children of the same age as my daughter,
 and see how they could do things that she couldn't do yet.

But reality is different: I find it interesting to see what other kids can do, but it doesn't hurt. 
I know that eventually she'll probably be able to do most of these things. 

While we expect her to be delayed, we also try to not have fixed ideas of what she will and won't be able to do. 
We try to teach her everything that we have taught her older sisters.

Our focus is on the things she can do, rather than look at the things she could be doing but isn't doing yet.

What I didn't anticipate though, is how exciting it is when she learns something new. 
We are all so proud, and she is very excited and happy about it, too!
We celebrate every new trick!

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Laura said...

I felt and feel the same way as you! Ben is so close to walking and I'm soooo excited for him!