Tuesday, October 23, 2012

More alike than different - part 3

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Have you ever tried to take some cute pictures of a little model who somehow turns into an escape artist?

Or one that gets suddenly distracted and refuses to look at the camera?

Well, I tried... and see what we got:

Mom, what are we doing?

Hmmm, what's that thing?

Oh, there is another one!

Let's check it out!

That's funny! So you think putting me away further from that thing is going to help?!

I'll just turn around...

...and go right back!

Ha! Now you put me on my tummy to keep me where I am at...

Did you forget I can roll?

Just give me a moment...

...and I am out of here!

At this point I just gave up...

Yes, they really are more alike than different!
This is the third day where I write about something that shows why my little girl who has Down syndrome reminds me so much of her two older sisters, who don't have Ds.

I just love to see her personality, and even though she is pretty stubborn when she has her own ideas, we like to see what all she can do. 

"31-for-21" Challenge - Day 23
Blogging every day this month to raise awareness for Down syndrome.

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Polly @ Helping Little Hands said...

Hahaha...yeah, that's me with my kids pretty much everytime I try to take a picture of them. In fact, my youngest took his first crawling motions when I was trying to take a picture of him and he wanted the camera instead.

Laura said...

We totally understand! Ben is constantly on the move!