Saturday, October 20, 2012

Orange and teal fall decor - quick decorating

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I thought it was time to do some fall decorating.

I didn't feel like removing everything else, so I decided just to use the bird decor that was already out, and combine it with some fall stuff. Lazy decorating, but I was surprised how much I liked the color combination teal and orange!

Another small change I made to our existing decor:
Normally this teal window frame has a red and green wreath attached to it.

To make it a little more 'fall-ish', I wrapped an orange berry garland around it.

An instant fall wreath...

Outside, I kept things simple, too.

This window frame is SO versatile.
Whatever the season, it's so fun to decorate it!
I just put a fall leaf garland in it, added some mini pumpkins, and it was done!

Some more decorations,
and we're ready for fall!

Happy fall!

I am blogging every day this month, since I am taking part in the "31-for-21" challenge:
blogging every day of the month to raise awareness for Down syndrome.
Some days I write about my youngest girl, who has Down syndrome, or about Down syndrome in general, other days I write about other stuff. If you want to read more about my little girl, or Down syndrome, please click the tab "Down syndrome" on the top of this page.
Today is day 20 of the challenge! 

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