Friday, October 19, 2012

Sandal gap

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"Sandal gap deformity involves medial displacement of the great toe, 
giving rise to a greater than normal space between the first and second toes"

I read somewhere that about 45% of babies with Down syndrome have a so-called sandal gap:
some extra space between the first and second toes.

In the picture above, you see my daughter's toes.
She has a small sandal gap.

In this picture, you see someone next to her with a much bigger sandal gap.

That's me...

I find it sort of funny that I, with one chromosome less than my daughter, have a much more present sandal gap. 
Yes, they do happen in other people, too...

And, can you believe I hate to wear flip-flops?
Can't stand the feeling!
Sad, isn't it, while my feet are built for them?
Maybe my little girl will use her sandal gap better ;)

"31-for-21" - Day 19

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