Monday, October 22, 2012

More alike than different - part 2

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In yesterday's post I already mentioned the slogan "We're more alike than different".

Here is another example:

Our youngest daughter really admires her big sisters.
Whatever they are doing is SO interesting to her.

She used to be content just watching them.

But lately, she wants to be in on the action.

Here they were playing with little laptops.

Our youngest (on the right) wants to have her share...

Fortunately, her big sister is more than willing to help her and thinks it's funny how her little sis wants to play with her.

And this is so funny to me:

Big sis decides to get ANOTHER laptop, so that they can all have their own.
And suddenly, our youngest turns her attention to the newly arrived laptop.
Of course, MUCH more interesting than the one she is playing with.

This little series of pictures cracks me up:
See the possessive little hand on the laptop next to her, 
she completely forgot about the one that she was playing with, 
now laying unused in front of her...

And, what I think is really sweet, is how big sis willingly lets her play with it (see that last picture).

Anyway, does this look familiar?
Wanting to play with your big siblings and THEIR stuff?

As I mentioned: Yes, they are more alike than different...

Still blogging for the "31-for-21" challenge to raise awareness for Down syndrome.
(See the button in my sidebar.)

Today is day 22!

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Laura said...

I love the matching shirts!!!! I totally agree, Ben too is more alike than different!