Monday, October 8, 2012

Don't try this at home...

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Did you know that people with Down syndrome are usually extremely flexible?

The first time I found my little girl sleeping in this position, I was shocked!

Just looking at it almost makes me hurt, but it doesn't bother her in the least!

I must add that we try to discourage her from sleeping like that. 

She also likes to sit up by doing the following:
She is laying flat on her tummy, then she swings her legs 180 degrees around, 
till they are in the position as pictured above, and then she pushes herself up. 
She is also able to sit up the 'normal' way, which her physical therapist prefers, 
but our daughter is pretty stubborn and prefers her own way...

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1 comment:

amydee said...

Once she figures out that we are extremely impressed by her flexibility tricks there will be NO stopping her!!